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Impressionen von Köln

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Shopping in Cologne

Cologne nearly is a shopping paradise with many good retail shops, department stores along beautiful shopping streets or within elegant shopping passages in the middle of the city. Equally impressive is the number of art galleries and antique dealers. In this chapter we gladly show you the way to some selected shops and galleries.

View into the Hohe Strasse. Photo: Wagner

Shopping destinations in Cologne. Shopping in Cologne is fun! Lots of shopping streets invite you to stroll along the way. The most popular ones are Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse. Also worth recom- mending is a visit to all shopping centers in the cen- ter of city, where the shops lay one next to another under a common roof. more

The Rialto brigde seen from the south. Foto: Lempertz Metropolis of arts. Cologne is a center for every- one who loves and collects art. Choice selections are in approximately 100 galleries and about 10 auction houses. A veritable "Art Mecca" is the city, particularly when it hosts the two large Art trade fairs named "Art Cologne" yearly. more

Shopping tips for business travellers. We don’t know what your hotel concierge recommends. We recommend, however, our little list of specialized businesses and services, of who, in our opinion, best meet the needs and demands of modern business travelers. more

Nice present: a copy of roman glasses. Photo: CCAA Glasgalerie.

A present from Cologne. Everyone who is visiting Cologne must take a souvenir for themselve or as a present for someone back home. This chapter gives you a few but exclusive tips for gifts from Cologne. So what about a Kölsch (beer) glass, a Carnival's hat or a model of Cologne Cathedral? more

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