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Impressions of Cologne. Photos: Wagner

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Eating & Drinking

Those who enjoy eating and drinking in a comfortable atmosphere with a pretty flair, will find themselves at home in Cologne. In almost no other city are there so many restaurants and cafes, breweries and bars, fast food and bistros as in Cologne. And in almost every one  one can sit outside in the weather.

Sit outside and enjoy the city. Photo: Wagner.

Restaurants & Cafés. In Cologne the choice among so many restaurants seems to open a veritable do- rado for every gourmet who wants to taste even the rarest specialities of the world's kitchens. Just behind them come cafes, ice cream parlors and homemade cakes and torts. more

The original means to carry Kölsch glasses. Kölsch & Köbes. One of the many original things in Cologne is the Kölsch (beer). It is a light fine-herb beer whose alcohol content is often underestima- ted. Kölsch usually tastes best in a brew house where that it is served by the Köbes, Cologne's special kind of waiters in its brew houses. more
French fries - beloved food in Cologne.

Home of hearty foods. In Cologne, hearty and rich foods has its home. Menus with fries (in Cologne named "Fritten") are on every corner. Among the domestic dishes including "Flönz" (Blood Sausages) or "Hämchen", a bone serving of pork with sauer- kraut (!!!) and mashed potatoes. more

Cologne also offers good wine bars!

Backdoor Wine City Cologne. Although Cologne is obviously a beer city, there are many wine bars and shops. Moreover, every may one can find the yearly Wine Week in Cologne held on Neumarkt, where that vintners from eight German wine growing regions exhibit their wines. more



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