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Arrival & Hotel 

Travelling to Cologne one has the free choice to take any transport means existing. The numerous and fast links to the city let your arrival become quite comfortable and nice. 10 motorways from all directions run towards the city. Coming from Cologne Airport near the centre your transfer to the inner city is done quickly. And taking the fast train "ICE" on the new rail connection between Frankfurt and Cologne, you'll reach your goal in less than one hour!

Click here for checking our hotel offers. Picture: Wagner.

Hotel rooms in Cologne. More than 200 hotels with thousands of rooms are to be booked in Cologne. A selection of recommanding houses is presented on our hotel webpage. After checking the offers on the page you are welcome to send room enquiries to each hotel by using an e-mail form. more

Click and follow me to town! Photo: Wagner. Arrival by car. 10 motorways from all directions lead into Cologne's motorway ring running along the city's border line. Here is how to reach the inner city coming from the "Autobahn" (motorway) and which of the city's main roads take you to Cologne's suburbs. more
ICE train system waiting in the main station. Photo: Wagner.

Arrival by train. It's comfortable and nice arriving in Cologne by rail. That's because the main station stands just beside the Cathedral in the heart of Cologne. And after leaving the train you will see yourself standing under an impressing wide roof construction built in 1890 of iron and glass. more

View on terminal 2. Photo: Airport company Cologne/Bonn.

Arrival by plane. When taking an aircraft travelling to Cologne, we suggest arriving at the modern and clear airport Cologne near the city. It's located bet- ween Cologne and Bonn. That means a very short distance (about 15 km) to reach the inner city of Cologne by taxi, urban train or (rental car). more

Summer has already begun in Cologne! Photo: Wagner.

Weather in Cologne. Cologne is geographically situated on 50 m above sea level. This position causes a mild climate with average temperatures of minus one degree in the winter to plus 24 degrees in the summer. There's only rare snow falling down in winter and melting away very quickly. more

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