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Cologne Opera

Free evening in Cologne with nothing planned? Our tip: get a ticket to Cologne's Opera. Waiting for you there every season (always from September to June) is a multidimensional and high quality program. And before the curtain is raised for you in the audience, here's a 

The Cologne Opera at Offenbachplatz. Photo: Wagner little info on the history of the structure. Built in 1957 under architect  Wilhelm Rip- hahn, the Opera House is the most exqui- site example of structural art out of the 1950's. The foyer is bright, larg and spraw- ling. On the left and right one rides both of the stairways into the nice wood- paneled
auditorium with its 1,300 seats. There seats can be selected from four parquettes or 22 terrace seats, which are remeniscent of large bobsleds. From every seat geusts have a good view of the stage, althought the leg room could be larger. The accoustics are good as well and a view to the ceiling shows the beautiful lighting in the form of calyxes that fall gently on the eyes.

Adress: Offenbachplatz. Ticket office in the opera building is open mon-fri. 9am-6pm, sat 9am-2pm. Evening tickets one hour before the show. Web: www.buehnenkoeln.de

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Cologne opera: tickets and prices

Opera offers 1,300 seats divided in- to four parquettes and 22 balconies on two le- vels. Every seat provi- des good view on and sound from the stage. Our tip is the 3rd par- quett where view and sound is best combi- ned with a moderate prices. There are also places for persons in wheelchairs. more


Tickets cost between €11 and €50. The most expensive ones are in the middle blocks of the 1st and 2nd parquette, which cost €50 plus a 10% surcharge (premiere cost extra). Choosing the 3rd parquette the fee of €38 is quite mo- derate. Students and apprentices get a 50% discount. more


Tickets are available at the Opera ticket office at Offenbachplatz (tel.) 221 284 00, open Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm and Sat. 9am-2pm, (tel.) 280 280. Stand by tickets are available one hour be- fore the show, (tel.) 22128248. The atmos- phere at the Opera is relaxed and allows to wear casual clothes.

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Cologne's Philharmonic Concert House

The Philharmonie really is a milestone for Cologne as a music city, which enjoys a magnificent reputation. It was opened jointly in 1986 with the neighboring Ludwig Musuem. The giant, round and simul- taneously beautiful concert hall radiates with a light wood interior 

The auditorium of the Philharmonie. Photo: Wagner. and the red upohlstry of the seats. Astoun- ding are the lighting and audio systems recessed in the ceiling. The hall lies, ince- dentally, underground between the Dom (cathedral) and the Rhine in the Dom-knoll.  More than 2,000 guests find seats here.  Yearly, 600,000 guests and more than 400 

concerts come to the Philharmonie which hosts world stars from clas- sical, jazz and musicals. Celebrated are the performances form the Berlin, Munich and Vienne Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chicago Orchestra up to the NY Philharmonics conducted by Kurt Masur. 


Adress: 1 Bischofsgartenstr. Concert tickets are available at "KölnTicket" at tel. 2801 or at the box office in the entrance zone. Internet: www.koelnmusik.de.  

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Cologne Philharmonie: Tickets and prices
In the audience there are 2,000 spots from which one views the round stage below as in an arena. The seats are separated into 23 blocks, each carrying a corresponding letter. There are also seats in the terrasses as well as in the balcony and for the handicapped. For many shows, stan- ding room  tickets are sold for only €5. More info at the website of the Philharmonie.

There are six price groups for seating. It's seems clear that the closer to the middle and also to the stage, the more expensive your ticket. Same priced tickets belong to a block. Blocks B and E are the best category. It is always worth it to confer with the nice employees of the KölnTicket office.  Students and appren- tices frequently get price breaks.


Tickets for the Philhar- monie are available at KölnTicket and suffici- ent advance purchase counters throughout the city. There is a 10% service charge for all tickets. The evening purchase counter opens 90 minutes before the concert. They also sell tickets for nearly sold out shows as well as cheap standing room tickets. More info at (tel.) 280 280 or on-line at more

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Hotel rooms in Cologne 

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