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Impressionen von Köln

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Cologne's originals: Kölsch & breweries

One of the last Cologne originals is Kölsch (beer). The light top-fer- mented beer (by fermentation the wheat rises to the top, for Pils a little falls to the bottom) is pleasant to the taste and delicious light drink. Kölsch is drunk from small cylinder glasses containing 0.2l, what any non-resident beer drinker sometimes marvels and falls in love with. Of course the Kölsch should always be drunk fresh in small portions. There's a good 25 brand name Kölsch at the moment. Most 

Main door of the brewery house Päffgen. Photo: Wagner of them are produced in large quanities, alone the Kölsch form Malzmühle and Päffgen (photo) have left the taproom for a larger brewery. Drinking Kölsch is best in a traditional brew house. There you'll find that the Kölsch is served by "Köbes" who take over the job of the waiter, who's self- confidence runith over. He is something of an institution in each Kölner brew house.
In the blue abyss, the shirt and wais apron with the leather wallet in front of his stomache, the Köbesse (plural) the Kölsch glasses and also food to the people. By the way, it can happen that the Köbes brings you a fresh glass without you having asked and before you have finished the last. The Köbesse were brewery assistants that brewed the beer in the morning and assisted with its service in the evenings. The last has stayed until today, the quick-wittedness of the Kölsch waiter, who knows most of the harshest speeches. That belongs to the brewery and to the old customs. Whomever desires, can have a great time in the Cologne brew houses.


Further information on Kölsch beer and its nature as well as about Cologne's brewery tradition are part of a guided tour that is offered for travel groups. Click here

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Specialities of the Kölsch menu

Frequently one can generate an appetite for something hearty after a couple of Kölsch beers. Anyone who orders a Halver Hahn expecting half of a chicken will be astounded: the Köbes will bring, in a Roggen bun, butter and piece of aged gouda cheese. On top of that one spreads a little mustard and is ready to enjoy the meal. Sounds curious, actually tastes really delicious with a Kölsch. There are tons of legends about this misnomered snack. Maybe you can experience one of the stories at the brewery which you visit. 


A little bit of irony and humor like in Karneval hides behind the name of this Cologne standard. Kölsch Kaviar "with music", that's a blutwurst (blood sausage), which is sauteed and served with onion rings. Asking what the music has to do with it shoud just wait for the lingering taste of the onions. One can also enjoy this speciality without the jangles even in healthy form, because with the Himmel un Äd there is a sauteed Flönz (Blutwurst) with side of mashed potatoes (from the earth: Äd) and apple sauce (from heaven: Himmel).


Hearty and crafty is the dish which is grilled and similar to other kitchens. Hämcher also indicate women with thick unattractive legs, therefore, the brew house will often serve a pigs leg, which is poached and then cooked in a root vegetable broth. Eaten with mustard and with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes is the Hämcher. The meat is very bitter, if one leaves out the rind. The menu is for larger appetites after a long day visit in Cologne and is style-authentic as the other dishes are. 

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The brew house Früh am Dom

Travelers to Cologne should enjoy their time in a traditional brew house. Around the Dom there's more than a half dozen of such guest houses. Here is also Cologne's largest brew house, which, today, stands as the flagship among Kölsch breweries.  Inside the guest space is shared over three floors. On the ground floor you can bank

Entrance of the brewery house Früh am Dom. Photo: Wagner

your way through the rustic tables, ben- ches and stools. The walls are paneled with dark wood, which also decorates the beer benches. A view upwards will reward you with a ceiling paintings and the tiled stove really lends to the rooms authenticity. Up front at the entrance fresh Früh Kölsch is tapped, which often comes from wood

barrels. A story below will reward visitors with a vaulted cellar, whose structure dates well back to the year 1235. Früh founded an acient pub.While the brew hall has a little more expensive costs, the first floor serves much finer products. Here in the earlier living room of the Früh family, there is an international menu and selection of wines. In the summer, the Früh at the Dom is escpecially pulverised by tourists. However, one can enjoy a Kölsch and sit at the main entrance though.


Adress: 12-14 Am Hof. Phone 261 32 11. The brew house is open daily from 8am until midnight. The kitchen works until 11.45pm. Info on-line at: www.frueh.de.

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Typical Cologne guest houses

Higher level German kitchen in a 470 year old guest house. Nice vault in the celler. Address: Marsplatz. Phone 258 16 66.

Traditional Cologne as well as international kitchen. Terrace with a nice view of the Rhine. Address: 35 Franken- werft. Phone 258 21 49.


Rustic pub with local kitchen, with Kölsch or Pils on tap. In summer beer garden. Address: 2a Apostelnstr. Phone 257 80 

The Kölsch and Bratwurst are available by the meter. Specialty: Haxen. Address: 19 Frankenwerft. Phone 257 79 66.


House specialities are Reibekuchen with salmon, tartar or apple sauce. Address: 38 Breite Str. Phone 257 84 36.

Solid guest house with good selection of dishes. House specialities are are muscles. Address: 114 Breite Str. Tel. 257 60 90.

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Haxenhaus zum Rheingarten

Those wishing to try a typical Cologne kitchen specialty, should head to many of the Kölsch bars in the city. The Haxenhaus at the Rhine Garden in the middle of the Altstadt (olde towne) is a mixture of bar and kitchen and who's succeeded in packing the aged-old space.

View on the Haxenhaus from the rhine side. Photo: Haxenhaus The guest house dates back to the 13th century and was one of the first homes for a hostile for pilgrams. Then, like today, the guests returned because of the old atmos- hphere and hearty dishes. Also belonging to the building is hidden in the name of the locale. The grilled haxen of pig or lamb

with sides of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes are typical. So many guests are astounded a little bit that the home made bratwurst, the Kölsch and the schnapps can be orderded by the meter, exactly how is was allegedly done in the old times of the locale. On the menu you can also find a tomato cream soup and diverse salads. Obviously there's Flönz (Blutwurst) on the menu with onions and black bread. And the Rhine-Sauerbraten with dumplings and red cabbage isn't missing. On the weekend music and dance helps to burn off the calories. 


Adress: 19 Frankenwerft. Phone 25 77 966. Open: Sun. to Thu. from 11.30am to 1am, Fri. and Sat. 11.30am - 3am. On-line at: www.haxenhaus.de.

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