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Impressionen von Köln

Professional Guided City Tours in Cologne for travel groups.

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Every season is good for visiting Cologne 

Cologne lies with its 85 districts left and right of the Rhine’s currents, which flows from through the city from South to North. The Rhine’s deepest point in a bay is about 50m above sea level. The city has a

Cologne's beautiful Rhine panorama. Photo: Wagner.

relatively mild climate, large temperature differences don’t exist. They lie between minus one degree Celsius in the winter nights to plus 24 degrees Celsius on sum- mer days. The summer can be a little wet and humid. Helping ease the discomfort of the weather is a cool fine breeze and cold
Kölsch (beer) in the beer gardens on the Rhine. There, in the setting of the Altstadt (olde towne) and at the Rhine promenade, it’s a beautiful experience to have a seat. It looks a little bit different in the winter when Cologne is wet and cool, it can even be down right cold on certain winter days. Of course snow falls, but seldom, and when, it usually melts quickly. The white grandeur mixes with the ground salt and sticks to your shoes when you walk comfortably around the Christmas markets in December. Pertaining to the weather, the year ‘round is a great time to visit.


For further information about weather in Cologne see the table "Weather in Cologne" or visit one of the following weather sites: www.wetter.de or www.wetter.com.

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Weather in Cologne

Jan.: 4 Degrees C
Feb.: 6 Degrees C
March: 10 Degrees C
April: 14 Degrees C
May: 19 Degrees C
June: 22 Degrees C
July: 24 Degrees C
August: 24 Degrees C
Sept.: 20 Degrees C
Oct.: 14 Degrees C
Nov.: 9 Degrees C
Dec.: 5 Degrees C



Jan.: -1 Grad C
Feb.: 0 Grad C
March: 2 Grad C
April: 5 Grad C
May: 8 Grad C
June: 12 Grad C
July: 14 Grad C
August: 14 Grad C
Sept.: 11 Grad C
Oct.: 7 Grad C
Nov.: 4 Grad C
Dec.: 0 Grad C



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Guided tours and roundtrips for visitors

If you're interested in the city's history it will be worth for you joining one of our guided tours into Cologne's great gothic cathedral and through the historical old town. It's just the best way to explore the miracles of the former roman city founded 2000 years ago by Julia Agrippina who was born in Cologne and became wife of emperor Claudius later on. Joining our OLD TOWN's tour means diving into

The Alter Markt (Old Market) near city hall. Photo: Wagner

Cologne's magic history. This roundtrip contains a visit in the Cathedral and its famous treasures like the shrine with the relics of the Three Wisemen or the triptych "The Altar of the City Patrons". This tour is offered in several languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. If 

someone wants to explore Cologne's universe of breweries as the original locations for drinking a fresh Kölsch-Beer, our "BREWERY PUB TOUR" may be the right decision. Learn more about this light beer that is an important part of Cologne's history within this tour of about 2,5 hours. Last but not least we recommand you joining our guided tour exploring the Old Town with its numeral sights of a 2000 year's history. After this walk you may like to relax by breathing fresh air on an unforgetable cruise by ship on the rhine. Just sit down on the top deck and view the sights and landmarks like old churces and houses as well as the breathtaking look on to the holy building of Cologne Cathedral! Interested in joining one of our tour programmes with your travel group now? Just have a look at our additional contents below and in the column on the right hand side. Please do not hesitate and send your enquiry including your required date, time, type of group and number of persons. Thanks and see you in Cologne!


Each guided tour is offered to private and business travel groups at individual appointments. Please have a look at our programmes. To reach them please click on the link.

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Cologne Newspapers and Magazines
The "Kölner Stadt- Anzeiger" and "Kölni- sche Rundschau" are the two regional news- papers for Cologne. In the local section they offer pages with lots of information about Co- logne and up coming events and celebrati- ons. The paper is prin- ted daily from Monday to Saturday. Friday there’s the magazine "Ticket" with lots of parties and events of the up coming week. Both titles cost €0.70 during the week and €1 on Saturday.

There are also two ta- bloids with information about Cologne. Here there is a large follo- wing among the "Bild" paper, which delivers local information, news about the city, tips for events and more. The "Express" looks very similar to Bild, as it is colorful and good for quick reading about short contemporary information. The pa- pers are offered in many stores and news stands and cost €0.40 during work days and €0.70 on Sundays. 


Three city magazines about Cologne are of- fered. The "Kölner Illu- strierte", the "Stadt Revue" and "Prinz Köln" are all similarly laid out and offer mo- vie and film critiques. The columns deal with bands, CDs and must-see events for books, art and theater. In every issu there is a calendar with all of the events for each day. The Kölner Illustrierte and Prinz cost just one Euro each, the Stad- trevue two Euros per copy.

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Hotel rooms in Cologne 

HOTELS IN COLOGNE I. Using  internet booking machines it's very easy searching for a hotel room in Cologne. One of these special search engines is HRS - Hotel Reservation Service with its many offers. Click the logo for starting.


HOTELS IN COLOGNE II: Looking for a hotel room in Germany there are some other good booking machines on the net such as HOTEL.de. They also often have some cheap offers given by good hotels in Cologne. Using the service is free, too.


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